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Tiny Bliss Daily Schedule

Our day begins upon arrival of our first child and ends upon departure of the last child each day. Children will be encouraged, but will never be forced to participate in any activity. This schedule may be subject to change. All outdoor activities are weather permitted.

7:00am      Free Play (During free play with we have soft classical music to help the little ones to adjust)

8:00am       Breakfast- children who arrive before 8:30am will be served breakfast unless future arrangements were made. Quiet activities until every child is finished eating. (puzzles, ipad, reading, movie time)

8:40am       Toilet/Changing time/hand washing/teeth brushing and gum wiping for infants

9:00am       Greeting Time ( the children will gather together and sing the greeting song) 

9:20am       Planning, Work, Cleanup and Recall Time
Children are able to plan what they would like to work on, an area of their choosing, what materials to use and who they would like to play with. They will share this plan with the teacher. After work time is up, we will cleanup and discuss what each child did during work time.

10:20am     Small Group Time
During this time the children will split into two groups, each with their own teacher and work on different activities. The children will explore different materials that will be designed around early literacy which will include: Comprehension, Phonological Awareness, Alphabet Principal, and Concepts about Print.

10:40am     Large Group Time
This is our community time, where everyone gather together to sing, dance, exercise, etc. Music, movement and reading will be incorporated during this time.

11:00am     Toilet/Changing/Hand washing

11:20am      Outdoor Time (If weather permits)

12:00pm     Lunch Time

12:30pm     Reading/Nap Time

3:00pm       Toilet/Changing/Hand washing    

3:35pm       Snack Time

4:00pm       Small Group Time               

4:30pm      Outdoor Time (If weather permits) 
Planning, Work, Cleanup and Recall with Parents
Movie time will be an option towards the end of the day if indoors.                             





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